Cannabis IndustryLeader & Innovator

"I'm working closely with industry regulators and independent labs to make sure all cannabis products are being accurately labeled so you know EXACTLY what you are consuming. I recently assisted with an exposé for the NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit to demonstrate the more than 20% spread that exists in 3rd party testing in CA. It is my goal to rectify discrepancies in 3rd party potency and residual testing so that our patients don’t need to second guess what compounds are being introduced into their body."


My Latest Projects


NBC Special Investigation Unit 2017 
Participated in investigation to uncover Cannabis Industry Fraud


California Rule and Process Public Hearings 2017-2018 
Voiced input on the California Cannabis Industry with
California Cannabis Control Board

Washington Liquor and Cannabis Control Board 2016

Overturned emergency Rule on Terpene Additives at emergency hearing

Legal Achievements

Events and Presentations

HighTimes Cannabis Cup SoCal 2018: Independent Consultant    

HighTimes Cannabis Cup NorCal 2018: Independent Consultant  

CannaCon Seattle 2017: Platinum vendor with Schools and Tools 

Hemp Fest Seattle 2015: 2016: Vendor with Greenside Recreational 

Indo Expo Portland 2017: Vendor with Schools and Tools 

Drexel University Research Symposium 2010, 2011: 

Presented “Early Indication of thermal Bleaching of Coral Reefs Utilizing amfp486 as a Biomarker”research 

University of Baltimore Maryland Research Symposium 2011:

Presented “Early Indication of thermal Bleaching of Coral Reefs Utilizing amfp486 as a Biomarker”research

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" If We Can Heal Each Other We Can Heal The world    XOXO"